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Lorna Sixsmith’s second book, How to be a Perfect Farm Wife, is an excellent follow-up to her 2013 debut, Would You Marry a Farmer? 

HTB Perfect Farm WifeThis time, she looks at the transition from being carefree and single to being a farmer’s spouse. (The book mainly looks at women from outside the farming community marrying farmers, but Sixsmith says her advice should work as well for men marrying into a farm — however, they might want to pass on the patterned wellies.) It appears to be a change akin to marrying somebody who speaks a different language, and How to be a Perfect Farm Wife attempts to be a tongue-in-cheek primer to understanding your farmer. Read the rest of this entry »

The most quintessentially Irish experience you can have is not posing with an over-priced pint in Temple Bar, nor wearing an aran jumper in a futile attempt to block out an Atlantic gale, it’s one you can run into any evening of the year just a few miles outside any Irish town or city: getting stuck behind a herd of cows coming in from the fields.

Rush hour, Irish style.

Rush hour, Irish style.

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Is there any truth in last week’s story that wild boar are making a comeback in Irish forests?

Feral pig & piglets (Photo: Craig O'Neal/Mindseye via cc license from Flickr)

Feral pig & piglets
(Photo: Craig O’Neal/Mindseye via cc license from Flickr)

“Wild Boar Strikes Fear into the Hearts of Walkers” roared the headline in the Irish Independent last week. The story that accompanied this sensational statement claimed that wild boar are making a comeback in Irish forests, and suggested that they are a danger to walkers and children. Alarming stuff, but if they paid more attention to coverage of “boar” sightings over the past two years they might not have got so carried away. Read the rest of this entry »