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I’m as likely as anyone to disappear down the YouTube rabbit hole now and then. However, when I do it’s not cat videos I’m looking for (that’s my kids) it’s scenic views of Ireland. I embed many of the best in blog posts on this site from time to time, but here are a few I want to showcase for their own sake. Some are time-lapse views of famous or scenic sites, others are just regular videos of something unusual or notable. Enjoy!

The Sites of County Meath

I’ll start off with something from my home county, County Meath. Home to some of the most-photographed sites in the world, including Newgrange, Knowth, King John’s Castle in Trim, and the Hills of Tara and Slane. This time-lapse was shot during the amazing sunshine of this past July.


The Beauty of The Burren

Ever been to The Burren in Co. Clare? It’s an ethereal landscape of limestone karst studded with neolithic monuments, iron-age forts, and rare wildflowers. If you’ve never been, you’ll want to go after seeing this video…


Ireland Underwater

Love being on or in the water? Check out what Ireland’s like underwater…


And Ireland Over the Water

The final video this week is an internet classic. A murmuration is a flock of starlings, who perform elaborate aerial displays before settling down for the night (rather like kids determined to put off going to bed as long as possible). Two tourists kayaking on the Shannon came across this flock a few years ago, recorded it, and set it to music, so it became an internet sensation for a few days.


If this post proves popular, I’ll try to work a few more roundups of cool videos of Ireland into the rotation in future. Please leave any links to any great videos of Ireland you know of in the comments. Cheers.


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  1. bloggingfromthebog’s avatar

    Thanks for these videos, it was a great way to start my day!

  2. Lois Farley Shuford’s avatar

    I’ve just returned to the States from two and a half weeks in Dublin and Meath – and now you’ve made me want to return already!

    1. Rich’s avatar

      Nice. I think the holidays will be the next time I get over. Sad to miss the wonderful summer they had.

      Did you discover anywhere new?

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