A New Beginning


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A Doorway at Bective Abbey on a sunny summer day.

After a couple of years posting casually as The Word Hoarder, I’ve decided to get more deliberate about blogging. So, I have changed the name of the blog to A Trip to Ireland, and bought the domain name. I’m going to refocus my writing on Ireland, the Irish culture I love and am part of, and perhaps write more about the oddities of raising Irish kids in a foreign land.

Subscribers/followers of this blog should be invisibly redirected by WordPress, and I’m hopeful that will work as promised. So, new name, new beginning, but hopefully I’ll keep up a similar focus and be a more frequent blogger in this new location. The comments and the odd discussions that get started therein are one of the most-enjoyable parts of bogging for me, so I hope everyone will make this transition with me.

I’m leaving the old posts in the archives, but may eventually repost some of the “work” pieces (on publishing and non-Irish book-reviews) elsewhere. ┬áPlease let me know if I’m still showing up in the WordPress reader or whoever else you were finding out about new posts. And, thanks for reading.





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