Getting ready for the plumber…

The trench for the water line should go through the middle of this bed.

I’ve been staying away from blogging lately (and Facebook, Twitter, etc.) because in the first place I have little “spare” time right now, but mainly I have too many petty grumbles and wasn’t feeling like sharing. But, I do miss the conversations and camaraderie that comes from all this social malarky, so I’m trying to get back into it.

Put simply, issues at my children’s school, injuries, and a leaking water line have eaten up most of my non-work hours. The school thing seems to be resolved, the cat has had his cast removed and his leg appears to be as good as new (in your face vet who said he needed surgery!), and the plumber is scheduled (weather permitting) to come dig up the yard and lay a new water line on Friday. So, I’m dipping a newly-healed toe carefully back into the blogging world with some pics of our front yard, newly stripped of most of its flowering plants, and anything else that was standing in the way of the replacement water line.

The main challenge facing us for the new water line is the number of trees in the way (as well as those pesky gas and sewer lines…). We’re taking the slightly longer way around the house in order to avoid a huge Norway Spruce on the southeast side. The expense of having that puppy removed if we damaged its roots would be considerable. We still have (or had) a small (junk) cherry, a low-growing evergreen (possibly a spruce of some kind), a patio peach, a dogwood, and a service berry to work around (why do we have so many trees in such a small space? It just sort of happened…). I took the junk cherry out (it was a volunteer anyway) and removed the smaller spruce. As we’re using flexible pex pipe, we plan to dig a curving trench that avoids at least the service berry and dogwood. The patio peach may be OK, but if it has to go, so be it.

Two rock walls, a gate, and a section of fence had to be removed.

A dull picture, I know. The water meter is at the foot of this bank. There was a small spruce growing all over the slope (I forgot to take a “before” pic). It’s now firewood.

The view looking the other way, back up towards the veg garden. There were a lot of plants to dig up in this section (they’re now temporarily in an empty raised bed). Removing them wasn’t fun, as I still had 2 broken toes at this point.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to start replanting everything this weekend. If I’m feeling creative, I might even be able to rethink this front garden space. It’ll be good to get this project crossed off the to-do list in any case, not to mention that it should have a very positive effect on our future water bills.


  1. bloggingfromthebog’s avatar

    Best of luck with the water line! Plumbing issues are the worst and always such a great relief when they’re finished and working properly! By the way, how long did you live in the U.S. before you began to say “yard” instead of “garden”? 🙂

  2. CurtissAnn’s avatar

    I nod my head with your first paragraph. Happens to me with regularity. I had no idea of what went into a water line. Two rock walls! Oh, my, you have my admiration. Chin up.

    1. Rich’s avatar

      Plumber’s coming tomorrow!

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