Happy New Year

The first primrose of the year has arrived earlier than usual in our garden and peeks uncertainly above the blanket of leaves that will hopefully keep it sheltered through the worst of the winter weather to come. I admire these hardy early bloomers who impetuously put on their sunday best and stride out to meet the world head on, regardless of propriety or the expectations of others.

May we all have the self-confidence of the primrose in this new year, and may all our contributions beautify the drab world in our own ways.


  1. Patricia’s avatar

    Thank you! Have a colorful and beautifully surprising year. The primroses are blooming here in Berlin, Germany, too, which is very unusual. The snowdrops, too, and the roses never stopped.

  2. Rich’s avatar

    Thank you, Patricia. I miss snowdrops. They grew all over the place where I grew up in Ireland, but either they don’t like the mountains or the local squirrels eat them all, because none of the ones that I’ve planted have grown. Hope your winter stays mild.

  3. Foxglove Lane’s avatar

    Hi Rich, the prettiest little flower, and a lucky omen to find one so early. I will keep my eyes peeled but we usually need to wait until March for ours. Lovely comment on the button collection! How nice it is to connect with you across the Atlantic, windblown and grey as it is today. Big wave!

  4. Rich’s avatar

    A lucky omen? Good. We just had 3 days cold snap, so I banked up the leaves over it, hoping it’ll make it through the freeze. The blooms on my quince bought it the first cold night. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be warm enough to uncover and see if it’s still as pretty.

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