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Kudos to my brother, Stephen Rennicks, who is one of the artists involved in the Engage Collective’s recent art activistism “Talk About Fracking.” Over the past couple of years, energy companies appear to have begun exploratory hydraulic fracking largely in secret around Co. Leitrim in Ireland’s NorthEast. As awareness grows, local opposition is building.

Fracking is a bad idea around the world, poisoning local water supplies and causing localized earthquakes. Thankfully, local stakeholders in Ireland are beginning to make their opposition clear.

To me, one of the most damning things Stephen uncovered is the evidence of fracking exploration over the past 30-40 years, in the shape of abandoned well heads, derelict sites left to rot, and the apparent lack of any comprehensive attempt to clean up the operations. What chemicals have been left behind for decades nobody knows.


Talk About Fracking « ENGAGE Collective.

Gallery of Stephen’s work…

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