Archaeologists search for hidden Newgrange passageways

The archaeology geek in me is very excited about the current investigations at Newgrange for previously undiscovered passages or tombs chambers. I didn’t realize that most of the mound has never been excavated. The huge amount of reconstruction on the visible face made me assume the whole thing had been pretty well examined.

Archaeologists are currently scanning the mound for voids (which could suggest a second tunnel and burial chamber, and also for evidence of structures on top of the mound, which could change our understanding of the use and role of Newgrange in pre-celtic society. There’s plenty of reason to expect there is a second passage, as both of the other tombs in the Brú na Bóinne complex (Knowth and Dowth) have two chambers and passages aligned with the sun at different points of the year. The chamber at Newgrange is some way short of the center, leaving a large area to potentially contain another chamber.

Video report from RTE:  Six One News: Archaeologists search for hidden Newgrange passageways – Video – RTÉ News Player

Detailed summary of survey techniques being used.

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