You know it’s spring…

when you have to rescue the first droning honey bee who bumbles inside the house, (and then another, and another…)

when the birdsong drowns out the revving of the first lawnmowers,

when the remaining brittle, brown skeletons of last year’s garden drown in the rising tide of green,

when the freshly blooming patio peach buzzes with contentment,

when the kids can pick and pick until even they must admit,

there aren’t enough vases in the world.

when the first swallowtail appears to land a kiss on each hyacinth, as if to say
I’ve missed you. How I’ve missed you!”
and then, bringing a friend, returns the next day.

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  1. Jen Rennicks’s avatar

    you capture it beautifully my dear – in both words and in pictures! Ditto your rhapsodies of spring!

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